Banff 2015

December 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I just returned from my trip to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. What an incredible experience! I was able to go with 3 fellow photographers this time. The weather was cold... seriously cold.  I packed my suitcase with 20 lbs of warm clothes and 29 lbs of "body heat warmers", narrowly escaping the heavy baggage fee. But in the end, it was well worth it.  Banff was filled with early morning sunrises and crazy beautiful sunsets over mountains and frozen lakes.  The other photographers all left me a day early, so I took this opportunity to both look for some wildlife (which we surprisingly had not seen much of) and of course.. shop :) At Two Jacks Lake, I came back from a hike to find my car surrounded by goats... licking the road salt from the sides of my car! I snapped a couple shots and then slowly headed on my way. Two hours later, I headed back to Lake Minnewanka to shoot the sunset when low-and-behold (in the rear-view mirror) there they were... chasing my car down the road! Well, I stopped long enough to capture this image and then proceeded on my way.  Notice how the adults kept the little ones safely tucked in the middle. What a charming way to end an incredible week :)

I will absolutely be heading back to Banff the first chance I get!



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