National Geographic's "Photo of the Day"

March 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

"Quintessential Texas""Quintessential Texas"National Geographic “Photo of the Day” 3/9/18


I woke up Friday morning to an e-mail that nearly every photographer dreams of. National Geographic had sent an e-mail informing me that my image of a Texas Longhorn entitled, "Quintessential Texas" had been chosen as their "Photo of the Day". Like a scene in a comedy, I laid back down.. closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep. About 5 minutes later, the gravity of what I had read sunk in. I flung the covers off, ran to my computer and waited very impatiently as it hummed along.. booting up. Right there on the home page of NatGeo.. there he was! All I could think was, "Holy Cow" (seriously.. I can't make this stuff up!)  And to make things even cooler, this all happened on "National Women's Day".  As I looked at him on my screen.. him looking back at me.. I can almost hear him say to me, "you go girl". 

Tech stuff: Canon 5D Mark III, EF 200mm f/2.0, 1/100 sec, f/2.0, ISO 400.




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