Canada 2017

October 21, 2017  •  2 Comments


Hello everyone ! It's been a tick since I've posted on my blog.  Things have been busy as usual, but no year is complete without another trip to the great north. I have now officially visited Canada in all but one season, the Spring. It would be virtually impossible for me to pick a favorite season as they all have their unique and special qualities.  This time around, I traveled with a group of fellow photographers from Australia. Let me tell you, this had to be one of my favourite (as they would say) trips of all time.  I always leave with the thoughts of what images I am hoping to capture along the way. This time around, the images felt secondary to the laughter and adventures that ensued. Our on-again/off-again heli trip to the top off Mt Assiniboine (due to the unpredictable wildfires) ended up on-again. What were weren't counting on was the blizzard that would meet us for the entire 3 days we were up there. All 6 of us huddled inside a hut at night, trust me.. you realize rather quickly who snores (among other At one point, we decided that a "reality show" that would follow 6 complete strangers along on a 3 month photographic adventure would be the most hysterical thing ever.  In the end, I came home completely beat-up, wore out and with the fondest of memories.  The next trip to round out my seasons in Canada is already booked and I can't wait to get back up there.  Oh ya.. there were some pretty great images too :)

This image:

First trip out for my new Canon 5D Mark IV (which I love btw)

Canon EF16-35mm f/4.0L

Sirui W2204 (most trusty tripod EVER)

Lee soft grad

f/22 , 0.8 sec , ISO 100

All post in PSCC and Sleeklens





This shot is so incredibly beautiful. Your work is always stunning <3
Your images are simply stunning and love how you can capture each of these unique images in all their glory
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