Cokin USA Ambassador

June 09, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

"Pink Ice""Pink Ice"


I am so proud and honored to officially be a part of team Cokin USA!  I have been using their soft-grad filter for quite awhile now (which also happens to be my most-used filter).  After many posts on social media tagging and bragging on their product, they began to take notice of my work.  While in Patagonia last month, I was able to test out the new EVO filter system along with the Nuances Extreme ND and grad filters.  After 3 weeks of using the system in the field, I was hooked.  The filter holder slides on with incredible ease. There is no screwing filters on and off.  The polarizer is applied to the outside of the system, not directly to my lens which I absolutely love.  I can turn the polarizer with ease, even when used in conjunction with an ND and grad attached. This was never possible before and when shooting intense fall color under ever changing weather patterns, I found this to be very user friendly.  There was no blue color cast to the ND's which makes getting the color correct in camera much easier .  Having a system meets my needs in the field is my number one priority as I tend to find myself in precarious, icy, windy and wet conditions, often.  I am so excited to see what new images I can create and could not ask for a better partner to do it with ! Please feel free to send me any questions you may have on using or caring for your filters, I would be happy to help!



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